If my band released new Album/EP how much it will take time to promote it?

There are no time limits in this. There are bands that working with us over 3 years, because there are always new horizons and a new places to reach the band. From what I saw it need to be minimum 3 months promotion if you want to see the big results happening.

Do you work with signed bands?

Yes we do, but the band must provide us with document, where says that the label agree the band to use PR-agency to promote their music.

How can I be sure that you will provide me with the results?

In the past 4 years we worked with more than 50 bands, and in all our history all the bands where satisfied with the results, so there are no reason that your band will be the exception.

Can you promise me that my band will be published where I want and I will receive as much reviews as I want?

No we can't. We worked with more than a 100 different magazines, radio stations and public, but we can't guarantee it will be published everywhere. Of course we send your band material to all the right places, but every one publish only those he like, because they received thousands of mails every month, so they must filter it. But I can say that usually 80% of what we send is published there.