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GlobMetal Promotions is a music Promotion company that was founded in April 2012, and since has been engaged in promotion of bands around the world. In the past years we worked with more than 50 bands all over the world, and helped many of them to reach new horizons and become popular. We don’t promise you that you will become a new Black Sabbath, as well as the mountains of gold and rich villas, but we can promise to do everything in our power that your band will grow and reach as many people it can, and you will be satisfied with the results.

Project objectives:

- Distribution of band music via Facebook, Vkontakte, Russian and West music portals

- Reviews of music albums around the world

- Interviews around the world

- Organization music and video rotation on the radio and internet TV

- Adding your music to metal compilations around the world

- Concert activities: information support, search and organization of future music events for groups which work with GlobMetal Promotions